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16/01/2019by AquaKing

Tree roots in clay pipe

Within Sydney there are still many houses that have the old clay / earthenware pipes installed that service their sewer and stormwater lines.

These pipes would have been sitting in the ground for easily over 30 years.

As we experience such variations within our climate over time with ground movement and differing soil conditions the quality of these pipes diminish.

In our experience over the years jetblasting and clearing blocked pipes we notice that the pipes begin to crack or displace allowing tree roots to invade the pipe.

The tree roots in the pipe may only commence as small fibres however over time and with dryer weather conditions, these tree roots will get thicker and thicker and will eventually expand to the diameter of the pipe.

The below image was taken from a section of earthernware pipe that had to be dug up and removed then replaced with PVC as it was beyond repair.

These poor homeowners did not maintain their pipes and had their concrete driveway excavated in order to gain access to the pipe.

If these pipes were effectively maintained the tree root ingress would not have been so thick and aggressive and pipe relining may have been an option to fix the pipes.

What should you do to maintain your pipes?

  1. Get an annual CCTV (camera) and Jetblast of the pipes to remove any of the tree roots and debris from the pipe. Aqua King offer’s a discounted annual CCTV and Jetblast for our clients who take up our annual maintenance option (for more information you can call us on 1800 273 546 or email us at
  2. Compare the footage obtained from the previous year and see if the condition of the pipe has drastically declined, it will give you peace of mind.
  3. If the pipe condition becomes very poor and is at risk of collapse or causing serious issues then we can provide you with a pipe relining quotation which we will be able to repair the pipes permanently without the need for excavation. These repairs come with a 50 year manufacturer warranty against tree root intrusion.Heavy Tree roots in pipe

If you have any queries about your blocked pipes, pipe relining, CCTV survey, Jetblasting we are more than happy to assist.

You can call us on 1800 273 546 or email us at