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"I was continually experiencing issues with tree roots getting through my sewer pipes and causing them to block up. Aqua King performed a simple CCTV survey and determined where the tree roots were coming in from. They were able to reline the pipes and fix the issue within the day and we didn't experience any interruptions to our services. I was very happy with the experience and professionalism the Aqua King team displayed and I would highly recommend their services. They saved me a lot of time, money and inconvenience."

Jake Martin – Kurmond

Jake Martin - Kurmond NSW
"Thanks for your professional, friendly, dedicated and meticulous work, and going the extra mile to do the job perfectly. Like me, my wife was so impressed, she talked about our experience of your service to our nephew who is a plumber, and will recommend you to his clients, as he too was impressed."

Happy Client – Heathcote

Fantastic Service from Aqua King
"We were impressed with Aqua King on every level. Aqua King overcame the need for an expensive digging up of our landscaping and possibly our driveway. We feel the repair is actually stronger than the original piping. This was achieved in less than a day. We were informed by the efficient office personnel from start to finish. They kept every appointment or rang us if there was an alteration. They also cleaned up when they left. Feel free to contact me through Aqua King if an inspection of their work is desired."

Graham & Helen Martin – Illawong

Graham & Helen Martin - Illawong
Jennifer – Eaglevale “As hardworking parents we were having trouble with a broken pipe that every year needed to be flushed clean to stop from overflowing. I searched other companies they all came back with digging up the pipe and relay, when I came across Aqua King who when I called answered all my questions and were on time to all appointments all staff were polite and clear in communication and helpful. Same day service and all with a high manner of respect of my outdoor furniture and cleaned up after themselves. Thanks Aqua King well worth calling Aqua King next time you need a pipe fixed ”

Jennifer – Eaglevale

Jennifer – Eaglevale
“For a couple of years I have been experiencing a regular blockage in drain and sewerage pipes in particular. I had used local plumbers and just recently one local plumber had quoted a large amount of dollars which involved digging up half of my backyard and all of my vegetable garden. (With no future guarantee). I then decided to have a second opinion and got in tough with Aqua King. The staff performed a simple CCTV Survey and determined where and what the cause was for blockage. I approved of the quote and within a couple of days the staff from Aqua king arrived on time, conducted themselves professionally and kept me informed. Aqua King saved me alot of money, time and inconvenience. Saved me from digging my garden. I would highly recommend Aqua King to anyone as they are professional in their trade and a bonus 50 year warranty. A very happy customer”

Donald Nath – Campsie

Donald Nath – Campsie
“Dear Serge, Thank you very much for your great work, especially helping me with the discovery of the cause of flooding. It has solved my problem which irritated me for many years. And also thank you for the extra work you have done for me with the patching of the hole. with your passionate and highly sense of responsibility that your work has come to excellent result. I would like to recommend your company to anyone else because I believe they will also get top service like me . All The Best”

Jade Huang – Kensington

Jade Huang – Kensington
“Dear Renee, Just a short note to thank David and Sergio for the excellent service they provided when relining my sewer using Nuflow technologies. I have been doing battle with the Local Council for 20 years as they planted a flowering box tree directly over the sewer main at the point of my service junction. Initially it was necessary every two years to have the line cleared then it became 18 months then 12 months and finally every 6 months. It was nigh impossible to excavate to replace the line as the tree is over 70ft high and protected by Council’s Tree Policy. Most Drainers just didn’t want to quote and those that did where after more than an arm and leg. Enter AQUAKING! David did a preliminary camera inspection, supplied a comprehensive quote and the job was done a few days later with no mess. The Nuflow 50 year product warranty is comforting as is knowing that I do not have to put up with the problem again in the future. The cost was most reasonable as against “the dig and replace”quotes that I had received. I would have no hesitation in recommending your Company.”

Phillip Haberle – Old Toongabbie

Phillip Haberle – Old Toongabbie
“Aqua King is a very professional organization. It responded promptly to my enquiry, providing cost estimates upfront. They arrived at the appointed time and worked quickly and efficiently to address a number of issues being experienced throughout properties on this site. In every instance they were able to identify the problem, and provide a cost effective, permanent solution. They presented well, their equipment was modern, efficient, and sufficiently varied to cope with all the myriad of pipe issues in a multistory building. They took care of the premises, showing care for owner’s property and courtesy to all residents. Pricing was fair and at such a level that it was considered unnecessary to seek alternative quotations. And by no means least, their contribution of part of their earnings to charity, differentiates these people in the most positive way from other contractors. I would recommend their services.”

John Hirst Secretary SP65630, Henley NSW

John Hirst Secretary SP65630, Henley NSW
“I recently had a blocked sewage pipe after six years of moving into a new premisis. Unaware of the history, I regretfully contracted a local plumbing service via a letterbox notice and was extremely disappointed after two visits and overcharging. I subsequently contacted Aqua King and spoke to Renee. From my first contact I was impressed with the level of customer service and professionalism Aqua King provided. They attended the site on time and performed a camera inspection, determined the cause of the problem and provided footage of the pipes condition on a USB for future reference. I have highly recommended Aqua King to my family and friends and will have no hesitation requesting their services should I require a plumbing solution.”

A. Kelly – Castle Hill

A. Kelly – Castle Hill
“We had recently renovated a property which had a blocked drain caused by a tree which was on our neighbour’s property. Aqua King saved us thousands of dollars as the blocked sewerage pipe drained through our neighbour’s front yard. By using Aqua King’s relining service, we had saved the cost and inconvenience associated with digging up our front yard. The whole relining service was professionally performed in one day, with no disruption to our daily activities. We have been very happy with Aqua King’s service from start to finish and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Brian Chua – Mosman

Brian Chua – Mosman
“The Aqua King Team were prompt, courteous & efficient. I have no restriction in recommending their service”

Dan Gill – Allambie Heights

Dan Gill – Allambie Heights
“These people are the most professional trade outfit I have ever dealt with. From the extremely helpful initial contact, to the web based video uplink, to the fast turnaround quote, the brilliant solutions and efficient work performed, everything just happened with no problems and no heartache. Then just to top it all off they went out of their way to help with an unrelated problem. I cannot recommend them too highly.”

Ian Witt – Prestons

Ian Witt – Prestons
“I was continually experiencing issues with my sewer blocking up and overflowing into my neighbors property. After many years I decided to call Aqua King they performed a Camera inspection and determined where the tree roots were coming in from. Within days they were back to reline the pipes and fix the leaking sewerage for good. They saved me thousands of dollars as the pipes were located under my garage under a slab. I would recommend Aqua King to anyone.”

Jack Nicolau – Hurlstone Park

Jack Nicolau – Hurlstone Park
My name is Michael Barakat and I am the owner of the building where the Riverview Hotel resides. Over many years we have had an issue with a strong sewerage smell coming from within the pub in the dining and bar area. Over the years I contracted many tradespeople and none of them were ever able to rectify the issue. I had spent quite large sums of money trying rectify this issue however had not had any success and had been left with this unpleasant smell. I have been under constant pressure to have this issue rectified by my tenant (the pub owner) as it was impacting on his business. I contacted another relining company who upon inspection advised that the job was too difficult and that the problem could not be fixed. I knew that the problem could be fixed somehow I just needed to find the right tradespeople to it, I researched on the internet and asked around and came across Aqua King Services. I made contact with them and they were very professional from the outset. We worked together and came up with an action plan to which I agreed to have implemented. The staff at Aqua King kept us informed every step of the way and of the progress at each stage, they worked tirelessly to fix the issue even working through the night. Their drive, determination and technical ability was second to none, they overcame every hurdle they encountered and failure was never an option. I was very impressed with the pipe relining techniques they used and how they combined this with their extensive plumbing experience to tackle the issues. I was also extremely happy that whilst undertaking the job they did not add any further pressure to my tenant as he was able to run business as usual having the dining and bar open whilst the repairs were being undertaken. Aqua King successfully fixed the issue and there is no longer a sewerage smell within the pub, my tenant is happy with the result as am I, this has been an issue that has plagued me for many years and I am finally happy to be rid of it. The staff at Aqua King conducted themselves professionally at all times, were prompt, reliable and honest and kept an open communication line throughout the project. Their grit, determination and technical ability is second to none, I now know why they are leaders in their industry. Thank you Aqua King for performing an outstanding job, I would highly recommend your services to anyone that required them. I will no doubt be passing on your details. Kind regards

Michael Barakat – Building Owner Riverview Hotel Birchgrove Rd Balmain

Michael Barakat - Riverview Hotel Balmain
“I am very pleased with the work done and the professional manner in which David Horsnell and his work colleague conducted themselves and the area was left neat and tidy Regards”

Sandra Lopes – Castle Hill

Sandra Lopes - Castle Hill
“We had been plagued by repeated blockages in our sewer line due to tree roots invading pipe joints. these blockages would often occur at times when we had guests – not a good look! We were usually faced with a wait before a plumber arrived and this compounded the problem. pipe clearing would give us six to twelve months before blocking again. We tried the chemical solution that kills invading roots but that seemed about as effective as plain pipe clearing and was considerably more expensive. We contemplated digging up and replacing the pipes but that would have meant damage to the patio and back garden, so we were resigned to the regular clearing process. I had heard about never lining techniques for old pipes, so when the pipeline blocked again I investigated what sounded like a possible long term solution. Online research showed the various methods but the aqua king website was superior in quality and detailing of the process, so i gave them a ring and spoke with Dave who concisely outlined what was involved and was happy to make an appointment to clear the blockage and quote for the repair of the line. I wasn’t quite prepared for the size of the van or the complexity of the equipment involved. this was indeed high tech plumbing! Dave and Serge combined well to clear the line and show me via camera when the various problem spots were. they were so professional that i immediately agreed to the lining treatment. They were back again in short order and spent most of the next two days repairing the line. There was only minimal disruption to our everyday activities and the job was completed with no external sign of the process. Of all the plumbers we have dealt with and that’s a lot, Dave and Serge were the most impressive. i will recommend aqua king to any of my friends with similar problems. Now i only have to last another 50 years to test out your warranty. Many thanks"

Jeff Crumpton – Allambie Heights

Jeff Crumpton - Allambie Heights
“David and his Aqua King team did a great job in fixing and relining my terracotta sewer that was always blocking. My old sewer pipes were terracotta and tree roots had broken through causing constant sewer blockages and expense. David and his team sorted out my sewer/drainage problem professionally and in a timely manner. I recommend Aqua King highly.”

Marcella – Sans Souci

Marcella - Sans Souci
“Last year we had a major flood of sewerage into our kitchen and living areas. The first plumber we had, identified what we thought was the cause of the problem and quoted for repair and replacement of pipe work. This included digging up our lawn and half our verandah in the backyard. We saw AquaKing on the internet and decided to get a second opinion. The first plumber told us relining was not the way to go as it didn’t work, but we figured if Sydney Water was doing it to their entire system then it had to work ! David identified the real area that had caused our sewer to backup into our house as well as a few other areas that needed attention that would have given us problems in the future. The areas were relined with only a few minor disruptions to our water supply and all work was completed within 2 days. And, we had the DVD to prove our entire water pipe network was clear and areas relined were identified clearly in the DVD. David and his partner were always helpful, friendly and turned up on time. They even replaced an old shower head and reset 2 toilets that were not flushing properly free of charge while they were waiting for the relining work to set. Regards”

Susan Bell – Westleigh

Susan Bell - Westleigh
“I have used Aqua King Services Pty Ltd for two jobs at my house in 2012. They arrived on time well presented and cleaned up afterwards. One job was to fix a leak in my stormwater pipe using their unique method avoiding digging down two meters and uprooting mature garden shrubs. The other job was to detect a leak in my water supply somewhere within my property. It was quickly located fortunately underground in the garden and repaired. I am a happy customer.”

Michael–Mosman NSW

Michael - Mosman
“I engaged Aqua King to clear some blocked pipes that I was having trouble with every year. Not only did they clear the choke, but they showed me exactly what the issue was and gave me excellent advice on what options I had to fix the problem for good. They came out after to reline the sewer and did an amazing job. The pipe ran under our back courtyard and they relined the whole section with the utmost professionalism, workmanship and sensitivity to minimising any impact on our garden. They did the job on time and budget and I was left with peace of mind knowing I never had to worry about blocked pipes again. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Regards,“Taras Mencinsky"

Taras Mencinsky – Paddington

Taras Mencinsky - Paddington
“Tree roots were continually entering our pipes leading to frequent blockages. Our plumber cleared the blocks but recommended we seek a more permanent solution. I called Aqua King, who used CCTV to examine the pipes and found the cracks through which the roots were entering. They recommended lining the critical points and promised minimal disruption. I was very impressed with their professionalism …arrived on time, worked tirelessly and finished the job efficiently. The technology is expensive and one needs experienced & expert staff to install them…Aqua King are certainly that! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs lining in their pipes.”

Pipe Relining In Karella

Vassant - Karella
We have a fifty year old home with a well-established garden. We have had a blockages in the main bathroom in the past and always worry about the impact of the garden on our old sewage pipes, particularly as the home was built on a concrete slab. I saw an advertisement for AQUAKING and decided to give them a try and now so glad we did so. David arrived on time and most courteous and after locating the offending problem arranged for the relining of the specific area. Sergio and Jake came to do the relining, without any digging, and left everything so tidy. Sergio explained everything to my husband, Neil, and we could not have asked for better service. We would feel most confident in recommending your company and we will take Sergio’s advice to have the line checked in the future before any major problem arises. Yours faithfully Margaret Hamaty – Carlingford

50 year old home, well established garden and sewer issues – Fixed for GOOD!

Margaret Hamaty
“Dear Renee, Our home was built in May 1986. We never used the main shower as we had an en suite and our young children only used the bath. Around February 1991, the shower drain was blocked and the waste in the bathroom didn’t hold a seal. The house warranty had expired. Consultations with plumbers quoted the only solution to dig up and re-lay pipes cutting over 1/2 of the bathroom slab. Prices were above what we could afford as we would also have to re-do the whole tiling in the bathroom floor and wall to ceiling. A company called “**********” (Aqua King has omitted this name as we do not wish to name other businesses to be fair) was contacted, their technology at the time could not fix around the s bend. I asked lots of people and tried things myself. Silasec and dry cement pushed into the cracks fixed the problem for quite a few years. Then I tried again, but this time with a fibreglass resin on top. We put a freezer bag under the bathroom floor waste to stop the smell. Our daughter and her family were coming home to stay for a year and I knew it was time that something had to be done as the bathroom would be used again after 2 years of empty nesting! Google was my friend. I searched “cracked sewer pipe in main bathroom remedies” and 6 or 7 options came up. The first call was to a rival company that was honest enough to tell me that they still wouldn’t fix around the S-trap. He told me about your system. 2 or 3 calls later I spoke to you and an inspection was arranged. You Could Fix the Problem! A long days work ensured by your tradesman. An extra problem was found in the pipe under the vanity. Clear images of the problems were shown to us and what would happen to fix it. You left a USB with vision of all the repairs. We could not fault the professionalism and communication provided to us by your company! Thank you so much for fixing a 29 year old problem for us! Paul & Jenny Carter” – Kearns

Pipe Relining an S-Trap in Kearns

Paul & Jenny Carter
“Aqua King cleared our blocked sewer pipe and also performed pipe relining. We could not recommend them more highly. They were at all times very professional arriving on time as advised. They carried out the job with a minimum of fuss leaving nothing to clean up when they left. Great company to deal with.” Mr & Mrs Hall Ryde

Pipe Relining – Ryde NSW 2112

Mr & Mrs Hall
“Thank you for the professional and courteous manner that your organization conducted the repairs to our house. Particularly the following: Staff arrived on time and were polite, provided clear explanation of what was required and provided video to support thisThe quote was competitive with other plumbers less the inconvenience of destroying our driveway and pathsThe installer was happy to take the time to explain what he was doing and why.The cost was as originally quoted even though more liner was used than quoted for. I would recommend your organization based on our experience without hesitation. Again many thanks”. Mr & Mrs Elliot – Raby

Pipe Relining In Raby

Mr & Mrs Elliot

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