Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nuflow system Australian Standards approved?

Yes Nuflow carries an Australia/new Zealand 4020 approval.

Is the Nuflow system a permanent fix?

Yes all relining work comes with a written 50 year product warranty (some conditions apply).
Comparing this with the warranty you would receive from a licenced plumber digging up and replacing your pipes of 7 years (which is the required warranty period) relining would seem the safer option.

How much for pipe relining?

At Aqua King we are firm believers that if you do not have a detailed knowledge about the pipe you are going to reline coupled with a quality CCTV survey, it is not possible to provide a firm quote. Be aware of companies willing to quote on pipe relining, site unseen as you could be in for a nasty surprise after you have already committed your hard earned money.

Can I continue to use water services whilst pipe relining is being undertaken?

Yes, you can continue to use your facilities and there will be zero downtime.

How long does the relining process take?

Most relining jobs can be completed within hours.

Other relining companies offer under 50 years product guarantee, why?

NuFlow have invested heavily in their technology and have perfected it so that it meets the Australian standards and is built to last. All products have undergone rigorous testing this is why we are so confident in providing a 50 year product warranty.

Is this product warranty really worthwhile, what if Aqua King is not around?

Firstly, Aqua King has been around for some time now and we intend to be around for many years to come. It is for this reason our customers continually use our services, we take pride in our work and look after our customers and our business, we are in it for the long haul.

Secondly, the warranty for the product is not issued by Aqua King, it is issued with NuFlow. NuFlow are a worldwide company who have been around for many years and they will always be around their business is continually growing worldwide.

Why is the Nuflow system the best?

Because Nuflow has a support network of over 1000 licensed installers world wide creating a wealth of available knowledge to installers. Nuflow is constantly investing in research and development to stay ahead of the rest. Finally all licensed installers are constantly being trained to advance there skills.

Why should I choose Aqua King to perform my relining?

Aqua King have over 15 years of experience within the Plumbing industry and have a vast knowledge of all aspects of Pipe Rehabilitation / Relining and Drainage and hold many qualifications and certifications.

All reliners within Aqua King have undergone extensive training and are licenced drainers so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing. There is nothing worse than having a cowboy perform such a specilasied job, this will only lead to disaster and make the costs blow out.

Does Aqua King Services carry out general plumbing?

No, Aqua King are specialists in our field and only perform Pipe Relining, CCTV camera Surveys, Jetblasting and drainclearing and drainage.

Is Aqua King Services insured?

Yes Aqua King Services carries a public liability policy of 20 million, all employees are covered under a current workers compensation policy and have undergone OH&S training.

What is the maximum width of pipe that you can reline?

We can reline anything from 40mm up to 1.5 meters in diameter, all liners can be customised according to your requirements / specifications.

Can you reline pipes on the vertical?

Yes we can, we have relined many downpipes / stormwater pipes on buildings, Nuflow are probably one of the only relining companies that can do this.

What type of pipes can you reline?

We can reline any material in any shape or size from 40mm up to 1.5 meter in diameter.

Is getting my pipes relined going to make them stronger or weaker?

Our pipe relining technology will definately make your pipes stronger, when the resin sets the relined pipe will retain its own structure which means it will maintain its own structural integrity and is strong on its own. When you have a host pipe and a section of relined pipe within it this will increase the strength exponentially.

Can you repair tight bends?

Yes Aqua King can reline 45deg – 90deg bends, boundary traps, gullys and even junctions.

What do you do if you have a broken junction?

Aqua King can reline a junction in any configuration in one peice.

Can Aqua King reline pressure pipes?

Yes, the Nuflow product is potable water approved which means we can reline fire services and any other pipe under pressure, our liner has been tested up to 1500kpa.

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