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Does Aqua King carry out general plumbing?

Yes, we are highly trained and reliable general plumbers. In fact, we are the plumber’s other plumbers call when there is a tricky situation.

What do I do if there is a major leak inside my house?

Go to the main shutoff valve and turn off the water supply, then call us immediately. If there’s damage, you may need to call your insurance company as well.

How can I easily detect a water leak in my home?

Turn off all the taps and outlets in your home and check your water meter. If it’s still ticking over, there’s a water leak somewhere.

Are Aqua able to find leaks?

We have all of the experience and equipment to locate and then fix leaks. This is a speciality area of Aqua King.

Should I use just any plumber for leak detection?

No, you need a plumber with specialised leak detection equipment. This equipment removes the guessing game as it allows us to pinpoint the exact location, keeping expensive exploration to a minimum.

Is Aqua King insured?

Yes, Aqua King Services carries a public liability policy of $20 million, all employees are covered under a current workers compensation policy and have undergone OH&S training.

Does Aqua King do Strata Titled work?

Absolutely, many of our jobs in strata starts with locating and repairing difficult leaks. We are often called in by other plumbers for these types of jobs.

How do you fix a blocked drain?

The first step is a property visit to clear your blocked drain using our high-pressure jet blasting equipment. We do this using our CCTV camera simultaneously to ensure that any tree roots are cleared out properly.

Tell me more about CCTV survey?

With our specialized CCTV pipe inspection and sewer inspection equipment, CCTV is our eyes underground and a very accurate diagnostic report of your drains and pipes can be achieved. All footage is recorded and provided to you.

What is thermal imaging?

This type of imaging equipment can be extremely useful. Not only does it have the ability to find leaks, it can also help the plumber to find all of the pipes in the house. If you are going to be remodeling and need to be careful about what walls you take out, for example, the thermal imager will ensure that you don’t make any costly mistakes. We use it to find those pipes, look for air leaks, moisture in building materials, and more.

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