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At Aqua King we use high pressure water blasting (also known as jet-blasting) in order to unblock your pipes or sewers with ease.

In Sydney there is a requirement for quality drain clearing, this is where Aqua King can assist you with your blocked drains and provide you with high quality service and workmanship.

There are many other methods used by drain clearing companies however in circumstances where there is heavy tree root intrusion and debris in the pipe the jet-blasting technique far exceeds the others in terms of the end result you get when clearing your blocked drains.

Aqua King’s jet blasting equipment can clear blocked drains with ease.

In the above drain clearing video the cutting head that is used is a warthog, this cutting head has two rear jets and one forward facing jet which enables it to clear the blocked drains with ease. Once the pressure has built up it makes the cutting head to rotate slowly which allows it to reach the entire internal diameter of the pipe and cut out the tree roots, debris and clears your blocked drains.

Our Drain Clearing Equipment

Our residential jetblasters are of high quality and performance and are large enough to clear out house service, they run at 4300psi @ 31litres a minute which is larger than what most plumbers use. (19 – 24 litres per minute). Our equipment is perfect for pipes 100mm to 150mm in diameter.

Drain Clearing Equipment for Bigger Commercial and Main Lines

We also have jetblasting equipment for larger pipes, this equipment is for anything from 50mm in diameter to 600mm in diameter. These run at 4000 psi @ 68 litres per minute.

This machinery will ensure that you get the job done correctly the first time.

All of our operators undergo extensive training so you can rest assured that you will be getting a high quality job.

Need drain clearing in Sydney? How can you be sure that your blocked drains will be cleared?

As we only use the latest in jet-blasting technology our equipment is geared to clean out your blocked drains, we only use the best in drain clearing equipment.

Aqua King also performs pipe relining in Sydney which is the long-term solution that carries a 50-year warranty (conditions apply) to fixing the issues within your pipe with no digging.

When drain clearing we need to ensure that the heads that we use on the jetting machine are going to clear the pipe from any tree roots or debris so that when we perform the pipe relining the newly lined pipe will adhere to the host pipe and leave a smooth finish.

It is in our best interest to clear out your pipe as best we can so we can give you enough time to think about the long-term solution and also be happy with the service we have provided.

How are Aqua King’s drain clearing methods different from that of other companies in Sydney?

The method we use may vary from other companies as we use our camera to position the cutting head of the jet-blaster to ensure we get the best possible result, if it is possible to be unblocked we will be able to do it.

We use this method extensively and we believe that it will provide you with the best possible results, this way we are not clearing the pipes blindly, it is a more targeted approach.

Our drain clearing machinery is well maintained and regularly serviced so we can ensure best results every time.
All of our operators are licensed so they have an extensive understanding of drainage and will be able to give you the best possible result.

We aim to clear your pipes correctly the first time and we can also offer you a long-term solution to remedy the issue.

We would rather fix the problem permanently than be continually called out to your residence every 3 to 6 months to unblock your pipes. We offer a quality solution and quality service in Sydney, you will not be disappointed.

Once we have performed the jet-blasting | drain clearing alongside our CCTV camera to clear your blocked drains, one of our licenced technicians will walk you through the work that was done and where the problems were occurring. This will be illustrated by the footage obtained, they will provide you with a quote on how to fix the issue permanently and will also provide you with a copy of the footage.

We are happy to leave you a copy of the footage and the quote to permanently repair the issues as we know we always provide the best possible service and job and we know you can count on us.

Our company policy is honesty and transparency, we are happy to provide you with all of the information you need in order to better educate yourself and work out what the best long-term solution is going to be for you.

We hope that by operating this way you will be happy with our service and once you have performed your research you will return to us to provide you with the long-term solution.

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    Aqua King specialize in clearing blocked drains or blocked pipes in Sydney, which is known to be a common issue amongst residential and commercial properties.
    Aqua King offers eco-friendly drain and pipe cleaning using the best jet blasting equipment to ensure you achieve the best results.

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