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02/03/2017by AquaKing0

Many of our customers on initial contact with us ask, why should we select Aqua King over the other pipe relining companies.

Our response to them is the following:

  • We are a family owned and operated business
  • We conduct pipe relining every day and have done so for the past 7 years
  • A business owner is always onsite so you know that we will care about the job we do and ensure you are happy from start to finish
  • If things go wrong, which in the pipe relining trade they do we aren’t going to lie you can rest assured that we will see the problem through right up until the end and won’t stop until your pipe is repaired and the issue is solved.
  • Many other companies will just walk away and leave you with a liner stuck in the pipe or call the insurance company to sort it out. This is not the way we operate, we will start and finish every job properly
  • We are armed with the latest in technology so we can ensure that we can tackle any job that arises
  • We are prompt and reliable and most of all honest!
  • We don’t tell you what you want to hear we tell you honestly our expert opinion.
  • Our process is to conduct the initial site and CCTV survey to look at the damaged sewer pipe / stormwater pipe so we can provide you with an accurate price. You will not get us coming to site then change the whole job and charge you more. Any possible further charges on an approved job will be disclosed prior to your agreement on the quoted works.
  • We care about you and we care about our business, we are here to stay
  • We use Nuflow Sydney s pipe relining products which come with a 50yr manufacturer warranty against tree root intrusion

At this point our customers feel extremely confident in acquiring our services and many of them send us testimonials and call us to thank us for a fantastic job and service.

If you have a continued blocked sewer pipe or blocked stormwater pipe or broken pipes and want them fixed for good, please contact us on 1800 273 546 and we can provide you with further information on our Pipe Relining Service.

You can visit our website for further information



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