UncategorizedThe Rains Coming!!! Inspect your Blocked Stormwater pipes before its too late.

24/12/2016by AquaKing

Marge The Rains Are Ere…..

Coming into Easter the rainy weather is quickly approaching. It would be a good time to get your stormwater pipes checked.

Did you know that after a heavy rainfall 80% of our calls from our customers are about leaks or flooding within their stormwater pipes?

If you have an issue within your stormwater pipes and the water runs out slowly or not at all you should really consider having your pipe inspected so you can receive some guidance as to the next steps to resolve this issue permanently.

Water slowly draining away or pooling in your stormwater pipe demonstrates that there is more than likely an obstruction within your pipe, over time the debris and dirt will compact and could cause a complete blockage and or damage to the pipe.

We recommend getting in and fixing issues at the outset, too many times we see our customers delaying the inevitable and more often than not the problems compound and become larger and the cost of repairs also exponentially increase.

Once our technicians have conducted a site and CCTV survey of your stormwater pipe they will then be able to advise you and provide you with a quotation on the next steps for the permanent solution.

We at Aqua King are specialists in pipe relining, this method will allow us to repair your pipe without the need for messy and costly excavation. On completion of the work you will be left with a new pipe within the old pipe and best of all it comes with a 50 year manufacturer warranty against tree root intrusion.

If you would like some friendly advice or if you would like to arrange a technician to come and conduct a CCTV survey of your stormwater pipe you can contact us on 1800 273 546.

We would be more than happy to assist you.

Tree roots found in stormwater pipe
Tree roots found in stormwater pipe

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