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02/12/2015by AquaKing2

Do you have a property without access for large excavation equipment? Are you constantly experiencing issues within your sewer pipes?

Pipe Relining is the solution for you!

Aqua King can repair your pipes without the need for excavation and large cumbersome equipment on your property using our pipe relining technology.

Today our team is relining a sewer in a property in bustling suburb of Newtown, this property has a small courtyard and backs onto a small rear lane way.

Even if the owner wanted to opt for the excavation option they couldn’t do it as the excavation equipment would not fit through the lane way nor would it fit on the property.

The property has various trees in the area that have broken through the sewer pipe and were continually causing a blocked sewer line.

This job will be completed in two days with minimal interruptions to the residents, they are still able to use the toilet facilities whilst the work is being conducted.

Best of all this work is backed by a 50 year manufacturer warranty against tree root intrusion.

If you would like to enquire about Aqua King’s Pipe Relining service, please feel free to contact us on 1800 273 546