UncategorizedHow Pipe Relining with Aqua King solved a 29 year old sewer pipe issue!

07/12/2015by AquaKing

This is a testimonial / thesis as Mr Carter refers to it to explain how we helped solve an issue he has had within his shower drain for over 29 years. We are thrilled that we could finally provide Mr & Mrs Carter a permanent solution for their continual issues within their sewer pipes.

S-Trap Pipe Relining

Relined S-Trap Without the host pipe

Relined S-Trap Without the host pipe


This is how using Aqua King’s pipe relining service could possibly assist you too. Do you have an issue within an S-Trap, P-Trap, we are one of the only companies in Australia that can conduct successfully this type of pipe relining work.

“Dear Renee,

Our home was built in May 1986. We never used the main shower as we had an en suite and our young children only used the bath. Around February 1991, the shower drain was blocked and the waste in the bathroom didn’t hold a seal. The house warranty had expired. Consultations with plumbers quoted the only solution to dig up and re-lay pipes cutting over 1/2 of the bathroom slab. Prices were above what we could afford as we would also have to re-do the whole tiling in the bathroom floor and wall to ceiling. A company called “**********” (Aqua King has omitted this name as we do not wish to name other businesses to be fair) was contacted, their technology at the time could not fix around the s bend.

I asked lots of people and tried things myself. Silasec and dry cement pushed into the cracks fixed the problem for quite a few years. Then I tried again, but this time with a fibreglass resin on top. We put a freezer bag under the bathroom floor waste to stop the smell. Our daughter and her family were coming home to stay for a year and I knew it was time that something had to be done as the bathroom would be used again after 2 years of empty nesting!

Google was my friend. I searched “cracked sewer pipe in main bathroom remedies” and 6 or 7 options came up. The first call was to a rival company that was honest enough to tell me that they still wouldn’t fix around the S-trap. He told me about your system. 2 or 3 calls later I spoke to you and an inspection was arranged. You Could Fix the Problem! 

A long days work ensured by your tradesman. An extra problem was found in the pipe under the vanity. Clear images of the problems were shown to us and what would happen to fix it. You left a USB with vision of all the repairs. We could not fault the professionalism and communication provided to us by your company!

Thank you so much for fixing a 29 year old problem for us!

Paul & Jenny Carter” – Kearnsd.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);