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Nuflow Pipe Relining

The Nuflow Product & Aqua King

Aqua King are accredited Nuflow Licensees.  We are licensed to purchase and install their premium pipe relining products.

We are proud of our relationship with Nuflow and we stand by their products as they are the best in the market.

Before becoming Nuflow licensees we conducted our research in order to find the best pipe relining technology in the market.

Nuflow stood out by far, we wanted a product that we could provide to our customers to fix their drainage issues for good and offer a high quality product and service.

Nuflow’s support system is second to none. Their product marries in well with our business as we offer  high quality service in conjunction with our high quality products which is what our customers are looking for.

About Nuflow:

Nuflow was founded in 2004, although the technology originated from Canada and has been used there for over 25 years. Nuflow Australia has invested heavily in the R & D of their product. It is for this reason they are confident in offering a 50 year warranty on all pipe relining work done by an accredited installer.

Nuflow is proudly an Australian owned and operated company. They are based in the Gold Coast. They are Australia’s leading pipe repair specialists. Their mission is to be cutting edge and the leader in the non invasive pipe rehabilitation industry.

All products that we purchase from Nuflow are made in their factory in QLD and are shipped to us, this ensures that they can maintain the high quality within their product and are not exposed to the quality issues when having their products assembled and manufactured overseas  and is out of their control.

Nuflow now has the license for New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, India, Hong Kong.

What sets the Nuflow Product Apart from its competitors:

Nuflow has just recently been approved for publication with the Australian Building Codes Board for

WMTS-518:2016 Rehabilitation of existing Non Pressure Pipelines by the use of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) and meets the Australian Standards AS/NZ 3500

Nuflow is the only relining company to meet these standards and they standards have been written around the Nuflow product.

This demonstrates that the product really is the best on the Market.

  •  50 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Uses epoxy resins not PVC, this ensures that the newly lined pipe can adhere to the host pipe preventing future tree root intrusion
  • This also does not require grouting and the end of the lined pipe to seal it off (generally within manholes) it can be installed and will taper off at the ends with no joints or grooves.
  • Ability to reline pipes in sections and stop and start at any point within the line as opposed to PVC where the complete line must be relined.
  • Ability to reline junctions in a single repair, can also repair bends, horizontal, s-traps, p-traps, vertical pipes, sections of pipes that have voids or spans.
  • All liners can be custom made in almost any configuration.
  • Nuflow liners are structural liners.
  • They are quality assured
  • Reputable, trust worthy brand with a network of over 40 licensees.
  • Large support network for their licensees as they all assist one another, that itself is very powerful.

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Request Our Expert advice

Don’t risk unexpected and costly
damage to your property!

You live in a house surrounded by trees and shrubs, some of them rather big and old.

In time, their roots will break into your pipes.

This is a matter of when, not if.

If this goes unchecked the repairs may cost $thousands.

For a small flat fee Aqua King can carry out a recorded video survey

This will catch any problems early and any repairs, if necessary, are a fraction of the cost.

This is health insurance for your pipes!

You need it because something will go wrong someday.



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