UncategorizedWhy should you reline your pipes once issues begin to appear?

18/12/2016by AquaKing

Recently we were called to a block of units in Bankstown to survey a sewer pipe that has been blocking up and having issues since the late 1970’s.

Upon the inspection of this sewer line we found that the pipes were so severely damaged that over the years parts of the pipe had come away and the dirt around the pipe had collapsed and was making its way into the pipe. There was no longer the correct fall within the pipe and the sewerage and matter would continue to pool and block up this sewer line.

Unfortunately for these residents their only option now is to excavate and replace the pipes. This itself is a mammoth task, the bathrooms in 2 units need to have their tiles ripped up, their concrete slabs broken and excavated in order to get to the old pipes and replace them. Part of the driveway also needs to be excavated. This is WEEKS worth of work not to mention a highly costly exercise, intrusive and disruptive.

If they had of identified these issues earlier on and chosen to repair them, our pipe relining solution would have saved them this unsightly expense and inconvenience.

We see this type of issue often where the pipes are not well maintained and homeowners live in hope that the problem will magically go away and resolve itself. These issues do not ever resolve themselves, they just get worse over time and the longer it is left the less options you will leave for yourself.

If the pipes are so badly damaged and the earth eventually collapses in on the pipe the only option you have at that point is to EXCAVATE and replace the pipes.

Our advice is to get your pipes regularly checked and maintained and if the condition is beginning to worsen then this is the time that you should look at a long term solution why there are still options such as Pipe Relining available to you.

If you have a sewer pipe that you have had issues with in the past contact us and arrange a CCTV survey and we can give you our advice on the health of your pipe and provide you with an action plan and some long term solutions.

Connect with us via email relining@aquaking.com.au or via phone on 1800 273 546, we will be more than happy to assist you.

This is part of the pipe that was in poor condition
This is part of the pipe that was in poor condition