UncategorizedNuflow Product now Water Marked and meets Australian Standards AS/NZ 3500

03/12/2016by AquaKing

Often we get asked why should we select the Nuflow product over other products on the market.

Recently the Nuflow product has been approved for publication with the Australian Building Codes Board for the following:

·        WMTS-518:2016 Rehabilitation of existing Non Pressure Pipelines by the use of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)

Obtaining this standard has taken the Nuflow team over 3 years to obtain and has been a long and difficult process as there are many tests and never ending documentation that needs to be completed.

The Nuflow pipe relining product is the only product in Australia that has been water marked and is approved and meets the Australian Standards.

As you know in Australia our standards are set very high so for Nuflow to obtain this accreditation means that their product is the best on the market.

Nuflow invests heavily into R & D and perfecting their products where as many other suppliers just rely on their foreign counterparts to undertake this.

Apart from their product being the best in the market, the support network & training they have also puts them ahead of the rest.

All Nuflow Licensees / Franchisees are TAFE accredited for pull in place liners and undergo rigorous training every year.

Nuflow installers are the only ones to have and obtain this TAFE qualification.

Anyone can attempt to reline a pipe. The question then is when something goes wrong which it often does in pipe relining if you have not undergone enough technical training and have developed enough skills and have the on the job experience then you are doomed to fail. This can lead to severe property damage and cause unnecessary heartache for the homeowner.

Aqua King staff are all highly skilled and trained and reline pipes almost 5 days a week. With the support of Nuflow and their superior product we have more experience than any other pipe relining company and the homeowner knows they are in good hands.

We will never send an apprentice or contractor to your property we will always have a business owner onsite who is highly qualified and is a licensed and experienced plumber.

If you have any pipe relining queries or would like to know more about the Nuflow product please feel free to contact us on 1800 2 RELINE we would be more than happy to assist.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);