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Case Study 4: Tugan Bypass

Problem Details:

During the construction of the Tugun bypass, water monitoring observed an increase in flow of water through the storm water system even during times of minimum rain fall.

Access to view this particular break was gained by physically entering the line via a 15m deep, pump out sump 50 metre’s up stream of the problem. The timing of access to the line had to be coordinated with the rise and fall of the ocean tides, as the amount of infiltration greatly increased during high tide. Previous attempts to seal the infiltration by using putty and expanding foam have proved unsuccessful due to the water pressure pushing through the gaps. To ensure the reline of this amount of infiltration is successful, it will require a second liner to be installed over the first, doing this will completely seal the problem.

How it was solved:

After carrying out the CCTV operations in the pipe we were able to locate the problem as being a major infiltration in a 600mm concrete storm water pipe.

Access to the particular problem was gained through a sump pit in an upstream location of the infiltration.

The Outcome:

Saving of approximately millions and a 3 month delay on completion

Excavation: None
Downtime on pipes: 8 hours – set up, curing and clean up time.
Length of liner: 1 Lineal meters
Type of liner: Patch
Resin used: Slow
Area: 600mm Storm Water Pipe

Why NuFlow was the right choice:

An alternative to the relining of this project would be to excavate the pipe and renew the damaged section; this would have involved having to effectively plug the area off that was to be excavated to reduce or even stop the flow of water, in order for an external repair to be carried out or a new piece of pipe installed.

The downtime on this pipe repair was kept to the minimum by utilizing a pump to remove the storm water from the pit up stream of the repair and discharging into the downstream pit, below the repair.

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