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Case Study 1: Riverview Hotel Bamain

Problem Details:

The Riverview Hotel is a popular pub located in Sydney’s Inner West in Balmain.

For many years local patrons have been frequenting this pub and have always reported to management an unpleasant smell of sewerage. The staff and management have also had trouble with this lingering smell which had no doubt impacted on patrons frequenting the pub. The current owner of the pub advised that many plumbers and relining companies had been contracted to try and rectify the issue and stop the smell. All of their attempts over the years have failed, some walking away from it claiming it was too difficult.

The owner of the pub advised Aqua King that there was a patron who recently had a party in the function room and mentioned to the owner that “I had my 18th birthday party here and it stunk then and it’s my 30th and it still stinks now!”.

The building owner was under constant scrutiny from the pub owner to get this fixed as this was causing him to lose business.

This is when the owner called Aqua King Services; he had heard that we as well as Nuflow Technologies were leaders in the pipe relining industry.

When Aqua King investigated, it was difficult to survey the entire pipeline structure as access was limited and within various sections of the sewer were unable to survey the drains with the CCTV camera. This meant identifying the issue was extremely challenging.

It became clear from the outset that the smell was emanating from the grease trap however where the smell was escaping from was still yet to be found. Throughout the pipework there were various unused connections and broken joints so we needed to take a strategic approach and tackle the job section by section.

How it was solved:

This job was conducted over several stages:

Stage 1: Identified and reline any sections of broken sewer to reestablish the integrity of the main line.

Stage 2: Systematically tested all water fixtures to identify which sewer branch lines off the main where active and which were not. Various old junctions were found which were relined through the junctions to seal the unused branch line.

Stage 3: Identified a large section of the main line and various junctions which were not being used. The decision was made to divert the flow of the main line using relining techniques resulting in a large amount of old sewer being sealed off reducing the possibility of where the smell would be coming from.

Stage 4: As the main drain stack line from the second level was discharging into the old section of sewer which we sealed off we had to divert this pvc line to allow for adequate drainage.

All investigations where performed using Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Investigation

All the pipes required cleaning by high pressure jet before installation of any liners were commenced

The Outcome:

Result after Reline – The sewerage smell was gone for good, the building owner, pub owner and staff were very happy and could not believe that finally after all these years someone could actually fix the issue. Local patrons can now attend the pub and eat at the restaurant without having the lingering smell of sewerage whilst trying to enjoy their meal. All of this work was conducted work with minimal cosmetic damage and no disruption to the business.


“Level of Difficulty” rating: High

Excavation: None

Downtime on pipes: No downtime and minimal disruption to business.
Resin used: Fast

Why Aqua King Services was the right choice:

The savings for relining compared excavation and replacement was substantial and proved extremely worthwhile in cost, logistically and provided minimal disruptions to the business. The pub has a restaurant that is opened 7 days a week, there was no downtime and the sewer was in operation the entire time.

This project reveals that you have to plan installations very carefully. Careful and investigative planning resulted in a totally different approach to this job and re-enforced the great belief in thorough research and planning before undertaking or quoting on any work.

It also revealed that these jobs are quite technical in nature and without hiring the people with the right skill set level your objectives will never be achieved. Aqua King Services has in depth plumbing knowledge and expertise coupled with pipe relining experience and expertise which proved to be paramount in the success of this project

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