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Case Study 6: Milan, Gold Coast

Problem Details:

Soaring high above Main Beach, Milan rises 19 levels to offer sweeping panoramic views of the Gold Coast. Completed in Mid 2008, Milan offers exclusive holiday / permanent residence living with its one unit per floor apartments.

Extensive resort like facilities including, 24 hr concierge service, heated lagoon and lap pools, ensure a relaxed holiday and residential environment is enjoyed.

The operational maintenance manager of Milan contacted Nuflow as the ‘relaxed environment’ was being disturbed by leaking 50mm pipes that fed the lagoon pool, and the hot tub.

How it was solved:

Nuflow visited the site to carry out a CCTV inspection of the leaking pipes. We encountered extremely limited access to the pipes as they were located in an underground rain water holding tank, which needed to be partially emptied so that the pipes could be exposed and disconnected. The next major issue; there was no downstream access due to the complexity of the pipe lay out from the pool and hot tub. This restricted our methods of installing the liner to a process unique to Nuflow.

On the day of the works to proceed, the tank was once again partially emptied, upon which an installation team member, wearing a wet suit, entered the tank. The single access liners had been specially made and tested the day before, and after being ‘wet out’ they were passed into the tank and inserted.

The CCTV investigation showed the problem as being badly cut and glued joints, along with there being evidence of concrete in the line that needed to be cleared before being relined. (The distances are different due the camera not being zeroed.)

Why NuFlow was the right choice:

The alternative solution of excavating and replacing the pipes, was never an option due to the location, disruption, timing and costs involved. Nuflow installed the liners in the morning and pulled them out by mid-afternoon the same day. Having minimum impact on the use of the pool and hot tub.

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