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Case Study 5: Hotel Broadway, Wolloongabba

Problem Details:

The Hotels toilets were backing up and during extreme use would overflow. This issue was further compounded as the waste from the main bar entered the same sewer line.

Access to the sewer line that required investigation and repair was particularly awkward as it was located in the cellar under the main bar, which was in general use from 9am.

The line itself was attached to the floor joists of the bar; this further compounded the point of access as a hole was required to be cut in the top of the line to allow the investigation and clean to be carried out and the liner to be inserted. An access hole was cut in the line and a plug was inserted up stream in order for the works to be carried out. The pre and post photos show different metres form point of entry as they were taken from the upstream and downstream points of entry, this was due to the reduced access in the main bar.

How it was solved:

After carrying out the CCTV investigation in the line we were able to locate the problem as being a displaced joint and a length of root intruded 100mm earthen ware sewer line running from the cellar out into the hotel car park.

This required water jetting, to clear the line, and the installation of 3 meters of liner in order to repair the displaced joint and seal the areas where roots were protruding.

The Outcome: Saving of $16,000


Excavation: None
Length of liner: 3 Lineal meters
Downtime on pipes: 4 hours – set up, curing and clean up time.
Type of liner: Continuous line
Resin used: Fast

Why NuFlow was the right choice:

An alternative to the relining of this project would have been to excavate the area and replace the pipe. This would have involved closing the front doors of the hotel for the duration of the repair works, dismantling a large section of the wooden deck at the front of the hotel, excavating a trench from the hotel out into the car park and extracting the existing line from the cellar wall. All of these works would have caused a major disruption to the day to day operations of the hotel and inconvenience to its patrons as it would have in effect closed all the frontage of the hotel.

The only inconvenience caused to the hotel during the relining works was limiting the number of amenities that were used during the downtime, whilst its patrons could still enjoy a beverage on the front deck.

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