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Case Study 8: BP Service Station in Loftus

PIPE RELINING – BP Service Station in Loftus. $10K Repair Pipe Relining as opposed to $150K repairing with excavation.

Aqua King was called to investigate a sewerage leak located in the sewer line at BP Loftus that was located under the concrete slab on the premises. Excavation was not an option as the cost of replacement was way too high.

Work performed
Aqua King was called to BP in Loftus to investigate sewerage leaking from the earthenware sewer pipe located at the rear of the premises under the concrete slab in the driveway. The owner of the petrol station was under pressure from the council to have this fixed immediately otherwise he would be subject to heavy fines. The team relined an 8m section of 150mm sewer pipe from the square from Sydney Water’s main side line to the existing PVC in the property shaft. They also relined the boundary trap. The work was completed in just 3 DAYS.

Degree of Difficulty
This job was performed with an extremely high degree of difficulty due to the limited access within the property and also allowing the service station to remain active and trade as per normal with minimal disruptions. The relining of the boundary trap was a very high risk task as if it failed then the whole slab would have needed to have been excavated and be repaired. The service station would have had to close down bowsers in order to let the heavy equipment on site.

Aqua King was able to successfully conduct the relining work and stop the sewerage leak without having to excavate and more importantly there weren’t any interruptions to the business and the service station could trade as per normal.

To repair this without performing pipe relining would mean the excavation of a large portion of the concrete slab in the driveway, part or all of the service station would have needed to be shut down for at least 3-5 days whilst the work was being conducted.
The cost savings of relining vs excavation would be in excess of $150,000. The owner at BP was very pleased with this result. The job was a risky job but left in the hands of professionals managed to save the owner a substantial amount of money.

“All works were conducted without any disruption to the Service Station. The savings were in excess of $150,000”

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