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Case Study 3: AMP Building Circular Quay Sydney

Problem Details:

AMP Building at Circular Quay Sydney constructed in 1959/60 was undergoing a major $90 million refurbishment. The plumbing contractor for the refurbishment contacted Nuflow as he had found no other system of pipe relining in Australia able to carry out the relining on a project of this magnitude.

When Nuflow investigated, the site access to the areas to be lined was limited; access to the down pipes was gained from the roof of the AMP Building, after the roof sumps, which had been welded in place, had been removed.

It became clear from the start that any repairs required would need to be thoroughly investigated due in part to the access points, the large number of 45 and 90 degree changes in direction and the fact that tenants were using most floors and could not be disturbed.

How it was solved:

The length of liners required the works to be carried out in two stages. Stage one would start from the 26th floor and stage two would start from the 13th floor. Stage two requires access panels to be cut into the pipes in order for the liners to be inserted.

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Investigation

The CCTV investigation showed the problem as being all four 150mm galvanized down pipes corroding badly. The leak’s that are current and any future ones are of a serious concern and need immediate repair.

All the pipes required cleaning by high pressure jet before installation of any liners can commence

The Outcome:

Result after Reline – Approximately 100′s of Thousands Saved


“Level of Difficulty” rating:

Excavation: None
Length of liner: 110 Lineal meters per down pipe
Downtime on pipes: 12 hours – set up, curing and clean up time.
Type of liner: Continuous line, 45’s, 90’s and lateral connections
Resin used: Fast

Why NuFlow was the right choice:

The savings to reline the down pipes over replacement is substantial and will prove extremely worthwhile in cost, logistics and quality.

This project reveals that you have to plan installations very carefully. Careful and investigative planning resulted in a totally different approach to this job and re-enforced the great belief in thorough research and planning before undertaking or quoting on any work

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