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09/12/2015by AquaKing

Have you ever been provided a warranty on a product that when it comes time to claim its not worth the paper its written on? Recently we have had a couple of customers contact us that have experienced issues again within their sewer that we had relined. Although it ended up not being an issue from our work we still attended to these call backs the next or same business day. They were extremely impressed with the level of service they were provided and could not believe that we would attend so promptly.

We will always ensure that the customer is happy and in turn we maintain our reputation as the Pipe Relining Specialists within Sydney.

Our warranties are legitimate and we believe in providing a high level of customer service even after a transaction.

We supply a 50 year manufacturer warranty for all relining work conducted and we stand by it.

When selecting your preferred supplier its best to look at the after market service you receive.

If you are experiencing issues with your blocked drains and you would like a quote to fix this for good give Aqua King a call on 1800 273 546 we are the specialists you can trust!if (document.currentScript) {