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09/12/2015by AquaKing
  • Fixed rates provided over the phone, what your quoted is what you will pay nothing more!
  • We carry out a free camera inspection on every blocked drain to ensure the job is done correctly the first time and the blockage is cleared
  • At the end of the job we will provide you with a copy of the footage recorded and a detailed report.
  • With the recorded footage and the detailed report you will have the information you need to obtain a quote from us or any one else to rectify any issues with your drains that may have been found with our free CCTV survey.
  • If any issues are found a quote to rectify them permanently with a 50 year warranty will be provided.
  • We believe in long term solutions not band-aid fixes
  • All of Aqua King’s technicians are highly trained and licensed professionals who pride themselves on providing a friendly, reliable, honest service to our customers which keeps them returning.

What you need to keep in mind when selecting a company to clear your blocked drains:
Bargain hunters always pay twice!!

Clearing your blocked drains can be costly, so you need to ensure you choose the right technician with the right equipment.

The equipment that should be used to perform a high quality drain clean is very expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain which leads to the provision of high quality workmanship.

Always ask what machine will be used to unblock your drains as there are many machines that are used however do not perform the same level of work.

An electric eel may seem to unblock the drain but often only partially unblock the drain. This machinery was the most commonly used equipment many years ago however has now been superseded by Jet Blasting equipment.

Jet Blasting is the best method to unblock a drain as it utilises high pressure jets of water (over 4000psi) to cut tree roots or remove debris and can do this for the entire internal circumference of the drain resulting in a much more effective clean.

When selecting a Jet Blasting service it is important to use an appropriately sized machine. At Aqua King we believe that you need a machine capable of a minimum of 31L per minute at 4000psi to effectively clear out residential drains. Aqua King’s machines go up in capacity from the 31L per minute at 4000psi machine so we can ensure we can provide the highest quality service.

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