UncategorizedAqua King Team now accredited Trenchless Installers with QLD TAFE | Trenchless pipe relining : Sewer repair.

09/12/2015by AquaKing

Our team has now successfully completed their Nuflow Licensee Accreditation Program. They are now accredited with Gold Coast TAFE for conducting trenchless pipe relining.

Nuflow licensees are the only ones within the trenchless industry to ever receive such training or accreditation. Nuflow along with its licensees pride themselves in providing high quality workmanship and aim to always be ahead in the trenchless industry, this is why we attend annual training at our head office in QLD.

We want to ensure that we are up to date with the latest technology and lining techniques this is why we attend regular training and work closely with other Nuflow licensees.

Aqua King conduct Pipe relining every day so they have a unique set of problem solving skills that help them succeed in every job they complete.

When relining you are working with fast curing resins, which means at times things can not go according to plan. This is why Aqua King have heavily invested in the latest technology which enables us to cut out failed liners and allow us to start again. This does not often happen but when it does if you do not have the relevant on the job experience or training then things can go seriously wrong and cause extensive excavations to occur. Due to the training and expertise of each of our technicians we are able to combat these rare issues head on and come up with a solution that ensures the job is completed properly and most of all that the customer is happy.

Here are some pictures of our team conducting the training.

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