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This Vietnamese Restaurant is located in one of Crow’s Nest busy cafeé / dining areas where many patrons frequent daily.


Aqua King was contacted to investigate an issue with sewerage leaking onto the walkway and through the Alfresco dining area at the front of the restaurant.

Work Performed

Aqua King was called to investigate sewerage leaking into the basement car park at a five storey building.

The investigation found multiple cracked sewer pipes below one of the ground floor units. Aqua King successfully relined several small 100mm sections of sewer line that had cracked due to the original plumbers laying the drains on unstable ground.

Degree of Difficulty

This job was performed with a medium degree of difficulty due to the number of damaged sections, getting access to these areas was a challenge.


Aqua King was able to stop the sewerage leakage and repair all of the cracked sections of sewer line without damaging any of the wet areas within the unit and without any disruptions to the occupants.


To repair this without performing pipe relining most of the laundry, kitchen and bathrooms in the apartment would have been demolished and the concrete cut up to enable access to dig down and replace the damaged drainage.

The cost savings of relining vs excavation would be in excess of $100,000.

All works were conducted without any disruption to the occupants. The savings were in excess of $100,000



Post pipe relining, the illegal connection has

been completely covered over and is seamless

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