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Get Pipe Repair in Macquarie Park

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You fear your drains and pipes have a blockage. You want to get them fixed, but you are concerned that taking that step will result in extensive excavation work in your yard that will leave a big mess and you’ll be unable to use your property for an extended period. It does not have to be that way. Instead, if you need pipe repair in Macquarie Park, contact Aqua King. We can diagnose the problem with our CCTV camera inspection. Close-circuit feeds give us a very accurate report on the condition of all your pipes and drains, and if we find any blocked or defective pipes, we can record their positions. The next step is to fix these problems with our Nuflow technology that relines your problem pipe, avoids messy excavation, and comes a 50-year warranty.

After we have cleared the blockage, we will reinspect the pipe using our CCTV cameras, but you won’t have to worry about paying twice. That’s because we only charge one low flat rate for all the CCTV surveys we carry out. We guarantee high quality products and excellent customer service. We’re a family-owned business, trained in using Nuflow technology. We’re also a global company that focuses on providing the very best pipe relining. When you hire us to repair a problem pipe, we will never leave a mess. In fact, you may never know that we were even there. We are the company you want to call when you need pipe repair in Macquarie Park.

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Don’t risk unexpected and costly
damage to your property!

You live in a house surrounded by trees and shrubs, some of them rather big and old.

In time, their roots will break into your pipes.

This is a matter of when, not if.

If this goes unchecked the repairs may cost $thousands.

For a small flat fee Aqua King can carry out a recorded video survey

This will catch any problems early and any repairs, if necessary, are a fraction of the cost.

This is health insurance for your pipes!

You need it because something will go wrong someday.