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Most people aren’t exactly sure about the condition of their pipes, but there are signs that you may have problems. Your toilet will start making strange gurgling noises. There may be bubbles. When you flush, the toilet will fill up with water which then recedes very slowly. All of these conditions are a sign that there may be a problem with your plumbing. You may notice this problem in the shower, the basin where you wash your hands, or the kitchen or laundry sink. Not to mention the odour. These problems can be the result of the number of conditions.

Your pipes may have become old and worn over time. Perhaps items like children’s toys or disposable nappies have found their way into the toilet. Occasionally these blockages will result from using your sinks to get rid of cooking oils or other fatty waste. Regardless of the cause, if you’re looking for pipe repair for Hurstville, you should contact Aqua King.

We’ve been working in the Sydney area for two decades, and we spent much of the last decade relining people’s broken pipes. We use trenchless Nuflow relining technology that allows us to make repairs to broken or defective pipes without having to dig up your backyard. We also use small CCTV cameras to go down into your pipes and look for problem areas. Once we’ve identified them, we use the Nuflow system that bonds cured materials to the existing pipe, repairing any damage and improving its structural integrity. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified, and we offer a 50-year warranty on all our pipe relining. When you need pipe repair in Hurstville, make us your first call.

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Don’t risk unexpected and costly
damage to your property!

You live in a house surrounded by trees and shrubs, some of them rather big and old.

In time, their roots will break into your pipes.

This is a matter of when, not if.

If this goes unchecked the repairs may cost $thousands.

For a small flat fee Aqua King can carry out a recorded video survey

This will catch any problems early and any repairs, if necessary, are a fraction of the cost.

This is health insurance for your pipes!

You need it because something will go wrong someday.