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Susan Bell Westleigh

“Last year we had a major flood of sewerage into our kitchen and living areas. The first plumber we had, identified what we thought was the cause of the problem and quoted for repair and replacement of pipe work. This included digging up our lawn and half our verandah in the backyard. We saw AquaKing on the internet and decided to get a second opinion. The first plumber told us relining was not the way to go as it didn’t work, but we figured if Sydney Water was doing it to their entire system then it had to work ! David identified the real area that had caused our sewer to backup into our house as well as a few other areas that needed attention that would have given us problems in the future. The areas were relined with only a few minor disruptions to our water supply and all work was completed within 2 days. And, we had the DVD to prove our entire water pipe network was clear and areas relined were identified clearly in the DVD. David and his partner were always helpful, friendly and turned up on time. They even replaced an old shower head and reset 2 toilets that were not flushing properly free of charge while they were waiting for the relining work to set. Regards”

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