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Pipe Relining – Animal Hospital Campbeltown

The staff at Campbeltown North Animal Hospital were continuously being inconvenienced with blocked toilets and were after a long term solution. This is when they contacted Aqua King to find out more about their Pipe Relining technology. This is what they had to say about their experience with Aqua King and the installation of their pipe relining technology to fix their broken sewer pipes.
“For many years our business had been experiencing regular blocked drains and we had to call out the local plumber to have them unblocked over and over. We finally decided to contact Aqua King; they performed a camera survey, located the issue, unblocked our drains and within a couple of days were back to fix it permanently using their relining technique. The team arrived on time, were courteous and professional and were in and out within the day with no mess and no fuss, even organizing a port-a-loo for our staff. The before and after video of our lines pipes was a surprising and interesting confirmation of Aqua King’s good work” – Campbeltown North Animal Hospital

Pipe relining Sydney Vet in Campbeltown
Pipe relining Sydney – Vet in Campbeltown

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