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Michael Barakat – Building Owner Riverview Hotel Birchgrove Rd Balmain

My name is Michael Barakat and I am the owner of the building where the Riverview Hotel resides. Over many years we have had an issue with a strong sewerage smell coming from within the pub in the dining and bar area. Over the years I contracted many tradespeople and none of them were ever able to rectify the issue. I had spent quite large sums of money trying rectify this issue however had not had any success and had been left with this unpleasant smell. I have been under constant pressure to have this issue rectified by my tenant (the pub owner) as it was impacting on his business. I contacted another relining company who upon inspection advised that the job was too difficult and that the problem could not be fixed. I knew that the problem could be fixed somehow I just needed to find the right tradespeople to it, I researched on the internet and asked around and came across Aqua King Services. I made contact with them and they were very professional from the outset. We worked together and came up with an action plan to which I agreed to have implemented. The staff at Aqua King kept us informed every step of the way and of the progress at each stage, they worked tirelessly to fix the issue even working through the night. Their drive, determination and technical ability was second to none, they overcame every hurdle they encountered and failure was never an option. I was very impressed with the pipe relining techniques they used and how they combined this with their extensive plumbing experience to tackle the issues. I was also extremely happy that whilst undertaking the job they did not add any further pressure to my tenant as he was able to run business as usual having the dining and bar open whilst the repairs were being undertaken. Aqua King successfully fixed the issue and there is no longer a sewerage smell within the pub, my tenant is happy with the result as am I, this has been an issue that has plagued me for many years and I am finally happy to be rid of it. The staff at Aqua King conducted themselves professionally at all times, were prompt, reliable and honest and kept an open communication line throughout the project. Their grit, determination and technical ability is second to none, I now know why they are leaders in their industry. Thank you Aqua King for performing an outstanding job, I would highly recommend your services to anyone that required them. I will no doubt be passing on your details. Kind regards

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