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Jeff Crumpton” Allambie Heights

“We had been plagued by repeated blockages in our sewer line due to tree roots invading pipe joints. these blockages would often occur at times when we had guests – not a good look! We were usually faced with a wait before a plumber arrived and this compounded the problem. pipe clearing would give us six to twelve months before blocking again. We tried the chemical solution that kills invading roots but that seemed about as effective as plain pipe clearing and was considerably more expensive. We contemplated digging up and replacing the pipes but that would have meant damage to the patio and back garden, so we were resigned to the regular clearing process. I had heard about never lining techniques for old pipes, so when the pipeline blocked again I investigated what sounded like a possible long term solution. Online research showed the various methods but the aqua king website was superior in quality and detailing of the process, so i gave them a ring and spoke with Dave who concisely outlined what was involved and was happy to make an appointment to clear the blockage and quote for the repair of the line. I wasn’t quite prepared for the size of the van or the complexity of the equipment involved. this was indeed high tech plumbing! Dave and Serge combined well to clear the line and show me via camera when the various problem spots were. they were so professional that i immediately agreed to the lining treatment. They were back again in short order and spent most of the next two days repairing the line. There was only minimal disruption to our everyday activities and the job was completed with no external sign of the process. Of all the plumbers we have dealt with and that’s a lot, Dave and Serge were the most impressive. i will recommend aqua king to any of my friends with similar problems. Now i only have to last another 50 years to test out your warranty. Many thanks

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